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How to Encrypt Files and Decrypt Files on Android Device

Encrypt Files

In Android, there are lots of Personal Data that can be accessed by any Unauthorized Person. This is just because your Android Data is openly saved in your File Explorer that is not Encrypted or Protected by Encryption method, so even normal person can also Hijack your data very easily by knowing some simple tricks. So to overcome this we are here with a method by which you can Encrypt Files or Say Protect your Data from being accessed by any unauthorized person. So have a look on the method discussed below.

Encrypt Files and Decrypt Files

In Google Play Store we have an app that works perfectly for this work and that’s ensure Android Security of your data as the data stored in its vault get encrypted with a PIN encryption that could not be Decrypted without that PIN. So proceed with some simple steps below to proceed.

Steps to Encrypt And Decrypt Data on Android Device

Encryption Process

1. First of all Download ans Install the App Andrognito 2 in your Android Device.
2. Now Launch the app and it will ask you your name and a 4 digit PIN.

Rgister 4 Digit Pin

3. Fill up both fields and click on arrow to proceed.
4. Now you have to confirm your PIN again in the next screen.
5. Now fill details of security question there.

security question

6. After this you will browse out the files that you want to secure in the vault of this app.

browse files

7. Tick the files and Lock them and you will see files will get hidden from there that means they being moved to the vault.
8. That’s it encryption process is over, your files are secured now. You can go to Decryption Process To View them.

Decryption Process

1. Open this app again in your android.
2. Enter your four digit number to authenticate.
3. There you will see all the files that you had encrypted earlier. Select them all.

encrypted Files

4. Click on Unlock Button there.
5. That’s it you are done, now you can access that files easily in your file explorer itself.

So above is all about to Encrypt Files and Decrypt Files on Android Device. This is the best way to secure your files or say data in your android rather than using the apps like Applock etc which can be bypassed easily with few tricks.

Hope you like our work, do share this with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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