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How to Turn On the LED Notification Light on Your iPhone and Android

LED notification is really very useful and cool thing for the smartphone, As with these alert your smartphone led will starts blinking when you receive any notifications like message or receive any call on your smartphone which looks cool. As some of smartphone does not have notification light so there you can use this flashlight as a notifier in your smartphones.

How to Enable LED Notification Light

There is in-built feature in iOS to use camera’s flashlight as LED notification which is not in Android by default, So don’t worry we have a trick to USE Camera’s LED flashlight as notification on android device. Here are some different types of apps that are available on Google Play store that can use to perform this task.

1 How to use the LED flash as a visible notification light on your Android

1. Open Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.5
2. Search and install either Flash Alerts or FlashMe application.
3. Both apps almost have same features and free version only gives alerts on SMS or Calls.
4. Below screenshots are from Flash Alerts2 app :-
5. Done !!

2 How to use the LED flash as a visible notification light on your iPhone

1. Launch the Settings on your iPhone.
2. Tap on General > Accessibility.
3. Scroll down a ways and under the Hearing section, turn the option for LED Flash for Alerts to On.Below are the screenshots of iPhone LED Flash Settings :-
4. Done! You’re iPhone’s LED flash should now light up every time you receive a notification alert.

Now every time you receive any call or sms your smartphone’s led will start blinking and you will be able to detect the alert even if your smartphone is on silent mode or on face off position.

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