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Today there are Billions of Mobile Users that are using iPhone today and more of them like to have it. As iPhone provides lots of feature and the most important thing is the quality that Apple provide. But there is one thing that always being a issued by users To Download Songs On iPhone. So in this post I will be concentrating on this problem of user. Below i have discussed a method by which you can easily download latest music, videos etc in your iPhone without facing any account related problems.

How to Download Songs on iPhone

Just you have to follow simple steps and that’s it you can download any of song of your choice directly in your iPhone. Below i have listed the free music apps for iPhone by using these apps you can easily download and play your favorite music in your iPhone.

List of Best iPhone Apps to download Songs

1. SoundCloud :- This is one of the best solution for music download in iPhone, This app will allow you to download and play your favorite music in your iPhone. As this app a option to the bands and artists to upload their song for free which you can directly download in your iPhone.

2. MacJams Player :- This is a freeware app for iPhone that is another community for musicians working with Apple’s GarageBand and this app too allow you to download and play your favorite music in your phone and you can share with others through this app.

3. Download Music Pro :- This is one of the simple and cool app which allows you to download music and make playlists, shuffle songs, and mix tracks and many more in it. You can also customize the play tracks designs in this app.

4. iDownloader Pro :- An another similar app which allows you to download music, play it, and transfer the songs to others. This app is freely available in iTunes store. You can download and install this app in your iPhone and can have fun with your favorite music.

5. Free Music Download Plus :- This is also one of my favorite app because this app allows you to download free songs with a single tap and also provides lyrics to be displayed on your mobile screen of the song you currently playing.

6. iCompositions :- Actually this app is very famous in strugller artist as this app is a community that is for the artists who are not so famous and want a platform to promote themselves this app is a better option for them.

7. Free Music Download Player Pro:- This app allows you to browse and search for the songs of your choice, unzip albums into the app, and then transfer songs in between your iPhone and your computer.Also this have simple UI in it.

8. Free Music Download Pro :- Like other app this app too allows you to browse and search for free music, create playlists, and listen to your music all inside the app.

So above are the Free Music Apps For iPhone To Download Music. By these apps you can easily download and play your favorite music in your iPhone and also you can make playlist, share tracks with friends with some of the apps listed above. Hope you like the method discussed above.

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