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How to Download Movie Subtitles on Android Devices

Movie Subtitles

People love to Watch Movies in Their Free time for Enjoyment and Entertainment because it’ s the best way for spending free time with Your Friends or Someone Else But It Becomes more interesting when it comes with Subtitle as it gets Easier to Catch out the Exact Words used in Movies. But sometime Movie Subtitles are not available at that time you can get the Subtitles with the method we gonna discuss right here. So have a look on the method below to get the Movie Subtitles in your Android Device.

How to Download Movie Subtitles

The way to get to the Movie Subtitles in your Android Device is simple and depend on Cool App that will work for you and Download and Merge the Movie Subtitles with it and Make your Movie watching experience better. So follow below steps to proceed.

Steps To Get Movie Subtitles Using SubLoader

1. First of all Download and Install the Video Player that is best fit for playing Movies with subtitle, VLC Media player is one of the good choice for this.
2. Now you need to Download an App SubLoader in your Android Device which will get the Movie Subtitles.
3. Now Launch the Subloader App and you will see all your Videos that are currently on your Device Storage.

launch the subloader app

4. Now tap on Video whose Subtitle you want to add and Click on Option Search Subtitle.

search subtitle

5. Now you can choose out the required Subtitle from the list.
6. In Preferences you can also select out the Language in which you want to Add Subtitle.


7. That’s it all done with this your Subtitle will get added to the desired video by getting it Downloaded through this app.

So above is all about How to Download Movie Subtitles on Android Devices. With this you can easily get subtitle of your favorite videos in your Android Device and can enjoy the cool experience of watching movies with great ease.

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