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How To Kick Off Other Devices From Your WiFi Network

WiFi Network

Today many of you must have their personal WiFi internet connections in your home or at your work place or also sometime you connect with the WiFi of others. But sometime any other might be connected to the same WiFi network either by knowing the password of your personal WiFi router or connected with same network of public WiFi. In that time your internet speeds drop to high extent and you might not browse your favorite apps and sites. So i have a way which will help you in How To Kick Off Other Devices From Your WiFi Network. And by this you will now disallow other persons to connects the WiFi network.

Kick Off Other Devices From WiFi Network

This method is basically for android device as it works through an android app that will have authority to kick off the other device from your WiFi network. You just have to follow some simple steps that i have discussed below.


Steps To Kick Off Other Devices From Your Wifi Network

1. First of all Root Android Device if you have not Rooted it yet from the Method given above.
2. Now Download and Install the App Wifikill in your android device from the above link.


3. Now Connect to the WiFi Network and Open the App and click on the Start Sign button at the top of the app.
4. Now the app will start and ask you for Superuser Access that will only being Granted if your rooted your device properly.

Root Access

5. Now this app will Scan all the Devices that had connected on the same WiFi network of you.

Scan All Devices

6. Now Select any of the Device you want to kick out from your network and Click on the Grab button.
7. Now you can see all the data consumption of the device of your network, now id you want to remove that device from your network just Swipe to Kill and the device will lost internet connection.
8. If you want to kill all the devices then simply Grab All the devices and kill them all and if you want to remove this restriction then simply close the kill button.

So above is a very cool method of How To Kick Off Other Devices From Your WiFi Network. By this method now you can easily save your internet usage and speed that is being used by any other person on the same network by simply closing its network.

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