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How To Create Invisible Folder In Windows

Create Invisible Folder

Many of you are using windows operating system in your laptops and desktops as this OS provides lots of features in it and also you can do lots of thing with this operating system. As till now we had also share tricks that works perfectly in windows. Today we are here with a special trick that is Create Invisible Folder In Windows. Yes you can create this folder in your OS. As this folder can give you privacy to your sensitive data that you can store in this folder which can only be accessed by you. So just follow the below steps to proceed.

Create Invisible Folder In Windows

The method is very simple and by this an invisible folder will get create in the desired destination and you can make it invisible whenever you want to access your file that will ensure your privacy and will work as personal wallet.

Steps To Create Invisible Folder In Windows :-

1. First of all create a new folder in any drive where you want to make invisible folder.


2. Now right click on folder and select properties and under customize tab choose change icon and select blank icon for your folder.


3. Now rename the folder, clear all the text already there and now press ALT button by typing 0160 of numeric keyboard.

 Invisible Folders

4. Now the folder will become invisible and only you will be knowing about that folder and you can only access that to save your personal files there.

So this is method for How To Create Invisible Folder In Windows. By this you can easily create invisible folders in any of your selected drives and can secure your personal data by putting them into this folder.

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