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How To Crack & Patch Any Android Apps Using Lucky Patcher

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Today there are Millions of Android Apps that has been Developed for Android Device till now, and Users love to try out all New Apps. But today we will tell you a way to Hack into the Apps that you have currently installed on your device. Yes it is possible you can Hack any game, Social app and any other App that you want to use according to your wish. So have a look on the complete guide below.

Crack and Patch Android Apps

Lucky Patcher is a very cool app and well known to android hackers as this app has capability of patching all other apps installed on the device and can modify them according to user wish. With this apps you will be hacking any of your favorite game or any other recharging app to get free bonus. Follow up the below steps to proceed.

Steps To Hack Any Android App Using Lucky Patcher

1. First of all you need a Rooted Android Phone.
2. Now you need to Download and Install a Cool App that is Lucky Patcher (Note : Fil is in Zip Format So Need to Extract the APK File from it).
3. Now this App will ask you for Superuser Access, Grant it complete Access. (Note: that this app will only work if you have properly Rooted your android).
4. Now you will see the List of the Apps that being installed on your Android Device.

Apps in Lucky Patcher

5. Now choose out the app that you want to hack or say modify according to wish. And of your favorite game will be best option.
6. Now click on the app and you will see options like Remove license verification, support in app patch etc.

Remove license verification

7. Choose any you want like In app patch will be the best as with that you can hack any app by opening that app and launching lucky patcher in it.
8. That’s it all done, you are now with cool hacking app that can hack other apps on your device, just explore it as much you can to get better results.

So above is all about Hack And Patch Any Android Apps Using Lucky Patcher. With this method you can remove licenses from any authorized apps, modify games values and lots more according to app that you are hacking with this Lucky patcher. Also you can create your own modified apk’s with this.

Hope you like this cool hacking trick, do share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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