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How to Capture 3D Pictures In Android

Capture 3D Pictures

If you want to capture some special moments in some cool way then 3D capturing is one of the best way of capturing that gives realistic effect to the pictures. But 3D capturing features is not by default in almost all android.

If you missing this cool way of capturing then don’t worry as we are here to tell you the method by which you actually click some cool pictures in 3 dimensional views that will enhance your picture realistic nature.

And this will possible with cool android app that we are going to discuss right here. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Capture 3D Pictures In Android

The app that we are gonna discuss right here will allow you to take 3D pictures and even cool pictures of moving objects and this is done by its frame division technique by which it can join multiple pictures frames into one to give realistic 3D effect. So follow the steps below to proceed.

Features Of Phogy 3D Camera App

  • No special hardware required.
  • Create Unique selfies with 3D shots.
  • Easy Picture Share to emails and social networking sites.
  • High Quality Mp4 sharing option.
  • Also creates GIF format images to share.
  • Set Phogy as 3D effect live wallpapers.

How to Capture 3D Pictures on Android Using Phogy 3D Camera App

1. First of all download and install this cool app Phogy, 3D Camera in your android in which you want to take some amazing images in 3D views.
2. Now launch the app after installing it on your device.
3. Now it will display some of initial guide for taking 3D images and you just have to keep them in your mind for better photography using this app.

Phogy 3D Camera App

4. Now time to capture some amazing 3D shots using the app and that can be done by clicking on camera button and then focus on the target.
5. And now move devices to right side with again focus on target.

Phogy 3D Camera App

6. That’s it now the image frames at different views will get merge up and you will have your 3D image with you that you can share on social media networks and even make it as your wallpaper.

So above is all about Capture 3D Pictures In Android Using Phogy 3D Camera App, With this app that we had discussed above you can easily take some cool amazing pictures in 3D views that will look awesome and will be great for sharing with friends or setting up for live wallpapers.

Hope you like this cool guide, do share with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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