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How to Unlock or Bypass Android 5 Lollipop Lock Screen

Lollipop Lock Screen

Suddenly if you forget your Android Lock Pattern, Don’t worry, have a very simple method to unlock or reset the Android Lock Pattern. In our previous posts we had two methods, one using Factory Reset and another using tools with PC. But in this method you will use security bug of Android 5.0 ( Lollipop Lock Screen ) to unlock your Android device. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Unlock Android Lollipop Lock Screen

The method is quite simple but little time taking and this is actually based on Android 5.0 vulnerability that will help you to unlock our Android without loosing data or without need of any PC tools. Just proceed with some simple steps below.

Steps To Bypass Android 5 Lollipop Lock Screen

1. First of in your locked android click on Emergency Dialer option.
2. Now there keep on typing any random numbers and characters until it reaches its maximum limit.

Emergency Dialer

3. Now just copy out all the number that you have typed there.
4. Now open the camera that you can even access a lock screen.
5. Now try to drag the screen downward and it will ask you to enter a password. There paste the code that you had copied.

enter password

6. If the camera app not crashes then repeat step from 1 to 5 with pressing volume keys while pasting the character code.
7. Now you have to repeat this until camera app crashes and you moved to main menu with unlocked screen.

Camera crashed

8. That’s it you are done, your android will be unlocked now.

So above is all about How to Unlock/Bypass Android 5 Lollipop Lock Screen. The easiest and simple way to unlock If you forget the password, pin of your Android with Security vulnerability of Android 5.0.

Hope you like this, do share this with others too aware them also. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries.


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