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How to To Disable and Block Ads In uTorrent And BitTorrent

Block Ads

Today in this tutorial we will disclose you hidden tricks of making your uTorrent and BitTorrent ads block permanently with using certain modification in your uTorrent or BitTorrent application, This is a short trick for ” How To Block Ads In uTorrent And BitTorrent “

How to Block Ads

With This trick after fixing all the filters written below you next time you wouldn’t not be able to see ads units either to the bottom left corner nor at the top header of you torrent application.


It should disclose you that both uTorrent and BitTorrent have the same formation with same preferences. So lets Do it.

Just Follow the Steps to To Disable Ads In uTorrent And BitTorrent.

1. Go to your BitTorrent or uTorrent Application –> Then Go to your Preferences setting and to the bottom of that setting you will find “Advance” on this you have to find all this written below the post and mark those as “False”.
2. Remember making all those Filters False will only make your work.


3. Find All This and mark as “False





Now as simple as that you got what you are searching for days, i hope you have got your answers regarding this trick To Block Ads In uTorrent And BitTorrent. Please share this with your friends and Comment bellow, If you have any query.


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