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5 Best Music Download App for Android

Music Download App

We all love to play music because Music always refresh us. Weather we are in party, with our friend or in our family music always makes the environment better. Now we always want to stay updated in music world. That is we all want to listen all new latest songs.

Best Music Download App for Android

In android phone there are so many music downloader app in which we can easily listen and download the latest music in our android phone. But not all the downloader app are so good to download music on your android. Below are the best music downloader app which i have selected on the basis of user ratings,reviews,download rate and some of my personal experience.

#1 4Shared Music

This is the one of the best music downloader app. As we all are familiar with $shared file sharing network they had created this app to download music on your android.This app searches from million of database to filter your mp3 file to download it in your android. This app also provides 15GB online space to upload your music.

#2 Mp3 Music Download Pro

This is an another awesome app to download music. This app provides feature like searching any song,lyrics ,album covers and option to download them on your android. We can also cut a ringtone from a song and make it as ringtone in this app. This app provides an option to download 3 songs at a time in your android.

#3 Copyleft Music Mp3

This is a cool app with cool interface in it.In this app it offers Download Classical Music of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and many more. In this you will also find music hard to find with other apps available on play store. This will help you to easily listen and download the latest music on your android device.

#4 Gtunes Music

This is one of my favorite app. In this app there is very simple way to search out and download the latest music from all the public sites. This app also provides an feature to assign an ringtone to the contacts. This app will give you the awesome experience to download the music over internet.

#5 Tunee Music

This is the Best Music Downloader For Android. In this I haven’t noticed any fake song, although there will probably be some, since it’s based on multi search engine mp3 downloader and sound quality is acceptable in all the song I’ve downloaded in it.

So above are the Best Music Downloader For Android. By using these app you will have a better experience over downloading the music over internet. These app will provide you all the latest music updates on your android. Download and install these app and have fun in the world of music.


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