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How To Automatically Backup Photos and Videos With Google Plus

Automatically Backup Photos and Videos

Android Devices has become more user friendly as technology grows and Now it’s the part of our daily life. We store many things like Photos, Videos and Documents etc on that Devices. The most important things are our photos and videos that we clicked and made at the time of enjoyment and fun which our important for us but most of the time we loose them because of daily busy schedule. But If you are ware then you already know that you can also Automatically Backup Photos and Videos With Google Plus and Other Social Media in your busy schedule.

Automatically Backup Photos and Videos With Google Plus

So now I am going to share you the trick of to Automatically Backup Photos and Videos With Google Plus. This trick is beneficial for those who changes their phone in the routine basis and who unintentionally deleted all the photos in short intervals. So there will be no headache getting back your beloved images and videos.

All you need for implementing this trick is a Google Plus account and a Google Photos app in your Android smartphone, The trick consists of a simple law it will automatically backup your photos and videos with Google plus. When you download Google+ app in your android smartphone it also gives you an app named “Photos” You are going to be benefited by this.

Steps To Automatically Backup Photos and Videos

1. Sign in with your Google account in your Android smartphone and if you haven’t signed up with google+ then don’t waste time sign up as soon as possible.

2. Download Google+ app in your Android Smartphone, Every latest phone now are coming up with all the google features inbuilt. So you don’t even need to download any app look at your app list maybe it is hiding somewhere.

Google+ app

3. Open Photos Application it will first ask you to connect with your Gmail account if you haven’t connected yet.

Photos Application

4. If you already connected your Google account in your Android phone then simply click on continue.

Google account

5. After opening the Photos application you will see all the photos that are saved in your Phone or SD card, you have to tap on Menu button which is located in the top right corner and then select the option of “Settings“

6. In the General Setting option which is on the top. You can see the choice of “Backup & Sync” you need to turn it on.

Backup & Sync

7. Once you have turned you on you will see the lot’s of files creating a backup starting from number 1 to infinite.

creating a backup

Once you enabled the option of Automatically Backup Photos and Videos from your Phone’s local folders will automatically back up if you are connected with WiFi network.

You can have a look over your uploaded photos by visiting Google+ “Photos” page. No need to worry all your uploaded photos are private by default so only you can see your saved photos.

So here I had shared the simple and useful tricks through which many can get benefited. I hope you like it and Please don’t forget to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Other social Media. Do comments if you have any query.


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