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How to Spam any Cell Phone through Android SMS bombing ?

Android SMS bombing

Are you frustrated with your Friend or Girlfriends ? If Yes then Kick-ass your friend or Girlfriends with SMS bomber through Android SMS bombing. This app is ready for it.

SMS Bomber

An SMS bomber is exactly what it sounds like. It is similar to an email bomber except it spams with different things ie SMS’s instead of emails. SMS bombers are a lot more trouble than email bombers because they can be used to target phones

Android SMS bombing

Bomb your friends with alot of SMS in a short period

Android SMS bomber Features:

  • Unlimit number of text
  • Flood multiple contacts
  • Cancel button
  • No delay or periodically send
  • Remember last config
  • Easily select contacts
  • Counter to make sms differently
  • Add counter to (press menu/Counter) into each text

Android SMS Bomber


Anti SMS Bomber

Anti SMS Bomber helps you prevent repeated message from any sender. Turn it on and stay safe.

Anti SMS Bomber Features:

  • Block duplicated sms from any sender
  • See log messages
  • Fix empty message bug
  • Show notification when being bombed



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