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How To Print From Android using Google Cloud Printing

Print From Android
Google Cloud Print is a technology that allows you to print over the web from anywhere, including your phone, to any printer.

Cloud printing is method to print any files from internet. This feature is provided by Google mainly for android to print any file from Android device. This method works on our google account . The request is send from the one logged in device to the other logged in device with printer attach to any device. By this you can remotely print any files from your android device from the printer attach to any of your computer and laptops.

Benefits of Cloud Print

There are so many benefits of cloud printing in our day today life. Many of them are listed below.

  1. No printer drivers.
  2. No connections between printer and the device.
  3. No pairing of device with printer.
  4. No software program or app to load.
  5. Device and printer can be on totally separate networks.
  6. Device and OS agnostic.
  7. Works with BYOD (bring your own device).
  8. Everyone is always on the latest software version.
  9. Better security. Prevent unauthorized access and use.
  10. Central control of label templates and details.
  11. Label data is always current.
  12. Future-proof to work with any device.
  13. Live history of print jobs.
  14. Live monitoring of printer status.
  15. Live and remote printer updates.
  16. Reduced support.
  17. Automatic, immediate software updates globally.
  18. Supports mobility and off-premise printing.
  19. Manage user access on the fly.
  20. Supports easy setup, even by a non-technical user.
  21. Lower software costs.
  22. Minimizes IT resource requirements and infrastructure.
  23. Continual, ongoing support.
  24. Evaluate the application without a large outlay of money.

Steps To Print From Android

In this method you will send a printing command from your android device with cloud print app of google play store and your computer that can be anywhere will print the file from the printer attach to it.

  1. First Open Google Chrome Browser of your Pc.
  2. At the rightmost corner click on Customize and control google chrome (a button with three lines just below the close button).
  3. Now click on settings.
  4. Now scroll down and click on show advanced settings… .
  5. Again scroll down and you will find the option Google Cloud Print.
  6. Click on manage and then add the add and manage printer on google.
  7. Now Install the app Cloud Print from playstore in your android device.
  8. Now in your app add your gmail account and printer (gmail account must be same in your PC and android).
  9. Now open file manager of your android and click on share and select Cloud Print.
  10. Now your file will be ready to print and now click on click here to print.

By this method you can easily print from android. As we feel more convenient to use android phones rather than laptops and PC ,So this method will help you to print from any room of your home. You can print file weather you are on same WiFi connection or at different networks.

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