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How to Access Blocked Websites at School, Organizations & Company

Access Blocked Websites

This post will surely helps you a lot. Today everyone of us is a part of any college,office or any organization. Everywhere we find free open WiFi’s , but the major problem with these are there are many websites which are blocked by the servers of college, office or any organization. There are different type of securities that are implemented in these server to block some sites like Facebook ,Twitter etc. So In this post i’ll tell you easy and permanent method to Access Blocked Websites.

How to Access Blocked Websites

This method is very simple and straight and works almost everywhere. In this post i’ll tell you about a plugin which will bypass website block.

1 Method to Access Blocked Websites


  • Google Chrome Browser with latest version.

Steps To Bypass Blocked Sites :-

  • Connect your PC or laptop with WiFi or your broadband connection in which you want to access blocked websites.
  • Open Google Chrome of your PC.
  • Open the link from here .
  • Now a browsec ad on will be displayed .
  • Click on add to chrome at the right upper corner of pop up.
  • Now a process will start to add browsec to your chrome,it will take just some seconds to complete.
  • Now after completion of the process an green earth will get added to your chrome browser at the right most upper corner of your browser , just under the close button.
  • Now click on it and then click Protect Me.
  • Now you can see multiple servers in the drop down list.
  • Select any server from it , and that’s it you are done with this.

The major working of Browsec is providing provacy to your browsing as by selecting any random server from the list sets that server ip to your PC and you can access sites with the server address of other country.

This is because the security that is implemented in your main network server can blocks sites only when you are connecting through a server of your country ,if it founds any server request from other country it can’t blocks the website and you get easily bypass and can access any site of your choice.

2 Method to Access Blocked Websites

The other method to access blocked sites is by pinging. In this method we will ping or bypass every individual website using command prompt. By this method you can easily Unblock Blocked Sites Using Command Prompt.The ping command in cmd bypass the site to access it from the firewall security implemented in your college,office or any organization.

Steps To Bypass Blocked Sites:-

  • Connect your PC or laptop with WiFi or your broadband connection in which you want to access blocked websites.
  • Open command prompt by clicking start and the typing “cmd” and then pressing enter.
  • Now a command prompt window will appear.
  • Type ping Website name (for exp: ping http://facebook.com) and press enter.
  • Now open your browser and enter the site which you had recently ping.
  • You will see the site will get opens

3 Method to Access Blocked Websites

You can use Proxy Sites to Access Blocked Websites Using Proxies on your Browsers.


Steps to Unlock Blocked Websites

  • Go to your Browser Settings
  • Search For Network Settings
  • Change Proxy Settings
  • Add Proxy and Save the Settings and you Have Done

Note – Settings May Be Different in Different Browsers But What you Have to do is Search for Proxy Settings in Browsers.

This is very simple method to Access Blocked Websites and Here you have learned How to get around a Blocked Website. Don’t forget to share this post .Leave a comment if you face any problem.


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